Dinesafe Toronto App

When eating out, don’t forget to “Dinesafe it”.

View restaurant health inspections on the go. Browse nearby establishments, or search for your faves. View inspection history up to 13+ years.

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  • “The new app promises to take some of the risk and mystery out of dining in Toronto by making DineSafe inspections available on your iPhone.”
    Toronto Star
  • “It’s a simple app, but it’s extremely usable. If you’re sure you want this information with you at all times, it’s worth the money.”
  • “The app has a simple interface that presents a list of restaurants nearby, along with their distance, and a series of icons detailing the eatery’s inspection history.”
    Metro News


Get a quick colour-coded overview of the establishment's inspection history as you browse!


Up to 14 Year History

View inspection history as far back as 2010 for some establishments. Data is updated daily.


Search Nearby

Search and browse results are sorted by proximity, so you can see what's nearby.

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